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NewClearEnergy is not any ordinary energy company. Instead we provide our members with the opportunity to get Swedish nuclear generated electricity at competitive terms and prices and on top of that contribute to the development of the next generation nuclear power in Sweden.

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As a member, you become a part of the vision, to contribute to the global climate goals and safe and reliable electricity supply.

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By becoming a member we provide you with a competitive electricity contract with 100 % Swedish nuclear generated electricity.

The membership is cost free.

Become member by filling out the form.

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Frequently asked questions

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How do I get an electricity contract via NewClearEnergy?

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to be able to change to green fossil free electricity from nuclear power. that is why we carry out the change from your current provider for you. You do not have to worry about breaking any existing agreement prematurely since the first thing we do is to check with your current provider about the length of the contract. We also find out all the details needed in order to change to an NewClearEnergy.

Which type of electricity contract is NewClearEnergy offering?

We have chosen only to offer variable (rörliga) contracts. Historically variable contracts have proven to most cost effective since the fixed price includes a cost for a premium similar to the premium for an insurance. We further do not want to tie you to a contract for a long period of time like many companies do.

However, for consumers with a fragile economy that does not allow for unexpected costs, variable contracts could imply a risk since the cost can vary over time even though the cost on yearly basis most likely will be lower.

Why do I receive invoices from both network owners and electricity companies?

As an electricity customer, you have two different agreements. One is an electricity network agreement with the electricity network company that owns the network where you live. The second is an electricity trading agreement with us that refers to the electricity you consume.

How often does the invoice arrive?

You will receive an invoice every month. Invoicing takes place in arrears for the previous month’s consumption.


If you are not satisfied with our answer, we ask you to send in a written complaint. If you have a claim for compensation as a result of financial damage as well as personal injury or property damage, these claims must also be stated in your complaint. Send the complaint to

If you are not satisfied

If you do not feel satisfied with the outcome that our case management has brought, you can go ahead to have your case tried.

The General Complaints Board, ARN, the general court (district court) and the Energy Market Inspectorate are available and can try your case depending on the issue in question.

How do I know that the electricity is nuclear generated?

By source of origin the energy market secures that the provider and correct source and the consumer is connected.

When can I get electricity from NewClearEnergy?

This depends on your current contract. We will make sure not to break any existing contract prematurely.

How do I pay my invoice via e-invoice or direct debit?

You can register an e-invoice or direct debit with your bank.

Right of withdrawal and distance purchase

The most important parts of the law for you as a consumer are the right of withdrawal and the information you have the right to receive.
When you buy a product or service remotely or outside the seller’s business premises, you have the right under the law to cancel the purchase within 14 days.

To cancel an agreement with NewClearEnergy, contact Customer Service at
You can also use a standard form produced by the Swedish Consumer Agency.


In each municipality there is an energy and climate advisor. You can call or email your municipality to get in touch with the advisor. The focus on counseling is impartial, free of charge and technology-neutral.

The Consumers’ Energy Market Agency also gives you impartial and free guidance on the electricity market.

At the Swedish Energy Agency, you can read more about energy and climate advice and find the telephone number for your municipality’s energy and climate adviser.

You can also turn to the Swedish Consumer Agency for advice.

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